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On this page, I provide links to a variety of information resources. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of materials science resources, it is simply a start. My hope is that you will help me identify additional useful resources, and send me links to information that you find helpful. It is your job to make use of appropriate resources to solve your materials science problems, but please ask for help if you have trouble finding what you need.

Olin's Materials Science Laboratory Information

FTIR Analysis Software

  • Got a FTIR spectrum you'd like to examine in detail? No problem! Download the KnowItAll U software, open your spectrum file, and enjoy the finest spectral analysis experience in town.

Teach Yourself Phase Diagrams

Equipment Operating Instructions

Material Properties - Where do I go?

Here are some resources for materials properties.

  • Plastics Materials (7th edition). Good resource for structure-property information on different polymers.
  • Handbook of Polymers. Another decent book, if you're looking for data sheets on different plastics.
  • Handbook of Plastic Foams.
  • ASM Engineered Materials Handbooks (go to the bottom of the left's under ASM Desk Editions). This resource has some good information on polymers, ceramics, adhesives, and composites. Some sections of note:
    • General Information and Data. Tables of property values for polymers, composites, and ceramics.
    • Introduction to Polymeric Materials - Polymer Science for Engineers. Good introduction to structure-property relationships in polymers!
    • Properties and Characteristics of Engineering Plastics and Elastomers. Information on structure and properties of specific polymers.
    • Testing and Characterization of Polymeric Materials. Sections on thermal analysis, mechanical testing, weathering, etc.
  • ASM Handbooks Online. This is an incredibly useful online resource for all things metals. The full-text handbooks are available through our library.
  • Matweb. This is a decent searchable online database of material properties. Much of the property information is posted by the materials manufacturers, so use of the database involves a bit of trust that the vendors are providing accurate information.
  • Knovel. A collection of full-text scientific and engineering books, including many materials science-related resources. Some potentially useful collections:
  • CES Selector software. This is powerful software that is used for materials selection decisions in design. can also use the software as a database of material property values. When you open the software, go to "Level 3," and search for materials of interest using the Search button in the toolbar. You'll get a list of matches in the left column, and you can click on the material names to access a list of properties. Available in the computer lab (near IT), and on several computers in the materials science labs, including the desktop system near the front of AC413.
  • Callister textbook. Great tables of material properties in the appendices.
  • Great web site for properties and structure of pure elements.
  • Bookshelf in AC413. Your friendly materials instructors have placed a number of thier own textbooks on a bookshelf in the materials science lab. Feel free to use these resources, but please take care of them, and do not remove them from the lab.

Additional Materials Science Books

Analysis Notes for Materials Testing

ASTM Standards

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